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Tervita is a public company based out of Alberta, Canada that specializes in energy and environmental waste services. It was co-founded by David P. Werklund as Concord Well Servicing in 1979. It became Canadian Crude Separators Corporation (CCS Corp.) in 1984. In 2012, twelve companies under CCS Corporation, to include CCS Midstream Services and Hazco, formed under Tervita.

Tervita is highly unethical and doesn't care about its employees, the company stole employees pension plans when they went bankrupt, according to a review by a former employee at glassdoor.com

"Employees had their pension plans stolen by this company when they went bankrupt. They do not care about their employees."


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Former Employee - Human Resources Coordinator says

"Poor management, imbalanced culture and lack of top management support. I had a horrible experience working for this company and they were truly unconcerned for the well-being of their employees."


"No culture of growth unless if you are one of them drinking buddies or if you dont have a clean record"

Current Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"constantly lied to. no clue what to do in a oil boom. bought out successful businesses and ruined them in 2 to 3 years"

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Where to start? In my few years there, we had 3 layoffs. After the first we were assured there would be no more, after the third layoff i'd completely lost all faith in management. We were constantly lied to, no raises, no bonus. Talking and friendships were discouraged. HR was allowed to be ruthless and unapproachable. No one had the courage to defend employees and verbal abuse was constant. The only thing keeping me there were the friendships i built. Needless to say after all the friends i had were laid off no reason to stay. Growth was discouraged and management would hardly show up. No one would work a full day and we'd be lucky to see Directors mon-fri. Lots of early weekends. A lot of the operations team is undervalued and overworked."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"A lot of broken promises RRSP match is a SCAM! Management does not know how to manage. Worst turnover rate I have ever seen."


"Upper management really has no clue"

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Disorganized corporate organization structure / business model"

Former Employee - Solids Control Technician says

"Management needs to communicate with the hands out in the field. No training on relevant equipment."

Former Employee - Shop Foreman says

"If you like a place that keeps promises than this is not a good place to work. This place talks big and that is it, the management here "walks on toes". Human Recources runs the company not the managers. I was with a company that got bought out by Tervita and our 1st day they told us "we are not going to change the operation" that was a lie, and " if you don't like what we do we will just hire the next guy cause we have a line at our door". So at least in North Dakota there was no family atmoshpere. They also put people in management that do not have any experiance either leading or having knowledge in the field that they are directly overseeing. The person that took my job was an o.k. worker but had no experiance in running what I oversaw and I know there has been alot of costly side affects from the lack of experiance that person had. And there are countless more examples I can give."

Current Employee - Field Operator says

"Tervita has absolutely zero respect or care for employees. In my time here, there has been more rounds of layoffs and cut backs than I can count - and they continue to cut back and eliminate field positions while pushing more and more work onto people and buying up other companies. They also do not pay operators well compared to other companies and it has affected the ability to get good operators. There are many people in the company who are currently doing the work of 2-3 people. They no longer offer any sort of benefit for those who have to drive an upwards of 50-75km each way to work for them out at their rural sites. The running and the management of the company has been getting worse and worse continually - area management playing games and always trying to find something wrong with their employees instead of appreciating the hard work that their field staff does while working with less staff levels. Calgary management choosing to eliminate long time dedicated employees in favour of keeping newer ones. There is a good chance that if you stay for the long term you will end up getting laid off as they don’t seem to be able to keep long term employees. Or because they push out good working employees due to all the mis-management, cutbacks and loss of benefits. In the last couples years they did an employee survey and committed to making the culture better and employees happier- most would say nothing has changed or it has become worse. Many of my coworkers and myself are looking for other opportunities. I would not recommend working for Tervita to anyone."

Equipment Operator (Former Employee) says

"Just a note to people that work there still I was there for more then 7yrs and only recieved one raise as Corp decided that because other provinces lost money no one will be receiving any compensation (unless you are a buddy with a higher up)If you like working away from home this is for you.People stealing from the job site"

Administrator (Former Employee) says

"High school toxic environment which includes managers. Bullying and gossip are used like bonding tools. Do not follow corporate policy or practices. Worked over and above job description with no raise in pay. HR is kangaroo court made to protect management. Dismissal without cause used as a regular practice."

Truck Driver/Equipment Operator (Current Employee) says

"WOW !! Very inmature handling of people and overall business practices . The culture is toxic and the supervisors including dispatchers in Ft.Mac are the decay of western society . Safety comes first only until the company needs you to complete certain jobs beyond the normal scope so they look good at the end of the day . Stay away especially from the Ft.Mac branch ."

Team Lead, WS Corporate (Current Employee) says

"Very disconnected. Management lacks formal education. Sales reps are immature and highly unprofessional and lack experience. It is like working at a day care."

Office (Former Employee) says

"Management is ok with people being treated like garbage.... Must endure miserable coworkers... Not welcoming at all... Clickey... If you dont fit in your gonePizza dayManagement"

Administrative Assistant (Former Employee) says

"When I started there five years ago,there was potential and movement within. With hard work and drive, one could move up and make a difference. Now there is only middle management that blocks you at every turn, that looks out only for themselves. Upper management isn't much better, with all lay offs and cut backs, a lot of very good people are gone. Now all you have are the self serving narcissists preying on any good people left. The best thing that could happen to this company, is to be bought out and dismantled. There is value there but not as a whole. Get rid of all the top brass and start fresh, from the owner down.Some good people I really missMiddle management are narcissists"

Commercial Pump truck & b-train driver (Former Employee) says

"Did you ever think that more and more jobs are coming available because people are starting to realize that working for Tervita is like working in a TOXIC ENVIROMENT!! They promote safety but infuse safety with discipline. You have no job security, with Tervita, there is no knowing whether your job will be there tomorrow or 6 months down the road. They are allowed to discharge your services based on anonymous reports of work habits that are based solely on biased discrepancies. If you choose to work for Tervita, do so with the knowledge that your position is temporary and can end at any time, with out prior notice, and with extreme prejudice.there are nonea toxic enviroment to work in....."

Receptionist/temp placement (Former Employee) says

"I was sent to Tervita through Maxsys Staffing Solutions, a placement agency out of Calgary, AB. It was to be a 3 month placement, however, due to the drastic provincial oil industry slow-down they were only able to keep me on as receptionist a few weeks. During this time with them, I found the entire staff to be very welcoming, professional and helpful to provide administrative tasks for. Some of the finance and payroll managers even tried to "make work" projects so they could keep me on...haha...great location, hours and management staff to work forindustry highs and lows"

PC (Former Employee) says

"Tervita has been in the news multiple times since their rebranding. They wasted millions of dollars on developing a name and putting all divisions under an umbrella and trying to sponsor everything they could get their hands on at Calgary Stampede. They planned to issue an IPO. They decided the "market wasn't favorable" but picked an internal share value greatly exceeding what the market would bear despite HUGE debt. Shortly after their rebranding, they had to fire ~400 people in one day, mostly in the Calgary office. People had their things packed and everyone was tense and multiple people left in tears. A quick google search will come up with news articles referencing the massive layoffs. Since then they have had to sell off and close a number of divisions and had additional days of mass firings. They shut down their "Employee Unit Ownership Plan" recently. They matched up to a 5% RRSP contribution in company stock. When they fired all of their employees (and had a mass exodus of a number of high level managers and below quitting) they were limited to pay out the funds in this EUOP program to $250k per month total. Because some of the highest managers in the company had hundreds of thousands in this program, the wait time to receive your money was up to 8 years. They valued their company stock internally at $54/share which was ridiculously overpriced. Since cancelling the program, they lowered their internal share price to $21/share (effectively lowering the payouts from the program to under half of what was owed). Despite requesting withdrawals at the $54/share rating"

Rig manager (Former Employee) says

"Not a good place for boilerhands, have to put up with new boiler operations manager a normal winter was 90-120 days work, lucky to get 30 days a winter now job dependant on many factors, i.e. salesman, past performance and safety factor, oil industry itself.good equipmentboiler operations manager, you can fail a drug test and if you pass it later on they still hire you"

Truck Driver (Former Employee) says

"I was laid off today with no warning and a very minimum severance package. the company in itself is very poorly maintained. no equipment maintenance.I cant think of any Pros for this companyEverything"

Driver/Operator (Current Employee) says

"Management is beyond incompetent no white hats have repercussions for bad decisionsLots of otbad pay"

Closed Loop Operator (Former Employee) says

"Liars and cheats, tervita is a horrible company to work for. management, hands, not a lot of knowledge around. Unless you are immediate friend or family member plan on working hard for no money."

Field Technician (Former Employee) says

"Very high expectations for below average pay.Certain management have no respect for employees.They will lie to you during interview of your role.Organization was horrific.Sludge pad employees are underpaid.Promises of lots of work at the beginning.it's a job.it's not a career."

Equipment Operator (Former Employee) says

"Such a great company out west but a complete disaster in Manitoba. Hope that head office finds out what management there are getting away with...KARMADecent pay and benifitsManagament"

Operations Manager (Former Employee) says

"The current VP that runs the Production Servicies division is a complete disaster as Donald trump would say, he controls all aspects of the process from HR to Operations and Sales and if you don't report simple tasks directly to him he will melt down like a child. He has no vision or direction for this once proud division. He has gotten rid of all personnel that has questioned his decisions and continues to drive this once great company down. Way over his head!Some great people left.One VP that looks after everything that has no ethics and controls all activity is bad for business."

Labourer (Current Employee) says

"No care for there employees/health/family/wellbeing, no balance between work and family, management is obviously new and uneducated and very immature. It seems that when it comes to social conflicts they tend to point the blame like children and leave the matter unresolved. If your planning on working for tervita I would suggest trying to get as much of a starting wage considering there are no raises. If your just starting in the work force I wouldn't look at tervita as a career possibility as for there is no room for advancement at lest not with a wage increase.Frequent barbeque the work was goodFalse promises the company has gone down hill"

Former Employee (Current Employee) says

"Management is completely guided by fear and favoritism. Fear doesn't really work that well anymore because they haven't paid bonuses in two years and salaries are frozen so no raises are in the future either. Layoffs are the norm. The company is losing business fast the people that have any sense are looking to leave. Except HR that is. HR rules with an iron fist. If you need something something do go to HR looking for help -- it will only get you fired.a lot of vacation timeyou can't use all the vacation time you get because you are doing the jobs of 3 people"

Hazardous Waste Field Technician (Former Employee) says

"Management at this company are some of the most clueless individuals you will ever meet. Toxic management everyday, ranging from them saying that overtime is non optional, to badmouthing employees in group emails, then claiming they did nothing wrong. Everyone is on one big power trip. zero work life balance, inconsistent hours and no appreciation.nice co workers, paid ok, good benefitsrude and power-abusive managers, non optional overtime, no promotions"

Regional Account Manager (Former Employee) says

"The only thing good about Tervita is the pay and holidays. I expect that they need to pay their employees well, due to the fact that they treat them like numbers. This is not a good place to work. Management in Calgary does not care about you as an employee. They hire hordes of staff and then have mass layoffs when times become tight, instead of cutting the massive bonuses that upper management is getting. They would rather spend 1 million dollars on a chuck wagon tarp at the Calgary stampede than fix that disposal well that needs repair.moneyeverything else"